Kastamera crestel

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 21 years old (living in medieval times)

Height: 160 cm / 5'3"

Weight: 50 kg / 110 lbs

Eye color: purple (was green before bonding with the amethyst)

Hair color: purple (was brown before bonding with the amethyst)

Notable marks: the right side of her face is covered by amethysts, which she often tries to cover with her hair.

Due to her poor and lonely background, Kastamera lacks normal social skills. She learned how to talk to people from books and she lacks practical experience.  She views social interactions as puzzles that have to be solved, rather than normal exchanges. In her mind she can get whatever she wants if she always says the right words. Kastamera learned how to be a master of manipulation, she can read people based on small gestures, and can lie without blinking an eye.

Manipulation, acting, and insight are her biggest strengths, however, when it comes to normal/genuine human interactions, she has no idea how to act or behave.

Kastamera lives in her own bubble, not caring the slightest about other people's feelings or well being. However, she would do anything for people who are close to her. 

Because of the way she learned socializing, Kastamera has a twisted view on people. She sees them as predictable objects that can be of use to her if she plays her cards right. Unless someone's very close to her, Kastamera tends to forget that people are as alive as she is. This problem combined with the girl's hot head results in instability, making it difficult to her to not murder people who really piss her off.

Despite this mentality being unhealthy, it helps her a lot with her secret job, spying and getting information. There isn't a specific company or person she works for, rather she takes commissions. Kastamera's name is getting more known in the circle she's working in, however, due to the commissions being slightly illegal, this circle isn't that big.

She prefers male targets when it comes to who she has to get the information from, because they're easier to seduce/persuade.

As mentioned before, Kastamera is a master of manipulation and acting. She always analyses her target before talking them, trying to determine what the best approach would be. Sometimes she decides to flirt with the target, trying to get them to a private place where she can backstab the target, tie them up and torture them until they spit out the information Kastamera was commissioned to get. Other times she may try to talk business with them or offer them information in exchange for the information.

It all depends on what she thinks the best approach is. Sometimes she finds it easier to scam the person who commissioned her, although she wants to keep her fame as a reliable client, so she rarely ever does that.

One of Kastamera's biggest issues is that she doesn't know how to relax or enjoy herself. Growing up in poverty, she always wanted to make a change. She wants to feel safe and wants to ensure that she will feel safe for the rest of her life. 

This goal quickly became an obsession for her, as she's non-stop working hard for her goals, without taking a day or two off to rest. She on average sleeps every second day, because in her eyes sleeping is a huge waste of time. Not only does she dislike sleeping, she also despises any activity that isn't productive.

This self-destructive behavior only really appeared after Kastamera's breakup with her first boyfriend, after which she felt like she had something to prove to herself and to everyone, and ever since she's pushing herself very hard, not cutting herself any slack and purposely avoiding enjoyable and relaxing activities.

This led to a lot of stress piling up inside her, which she uses to fuel her unhealthy behavior even more.

Kastamera's had recurring dreams ever since she can remember. In these dreams she's walking around in a mine, which seems to be a maze. After a while she notices that every time she's dreaming about this maze, it's always the same. She begins drawing it on a paper when she's awake, trying to figure out if this maze she's dreaming of has any meaning. The maze is gigantic with many long dead ends. It takes her over a decade to finally solve maze.

At the age of 17, she finally finds the end of the maze. It's a very bright source of light. However, whenever she enters it, she just wakes up.

Years have passed and Kastamera is 21 years old. During one of her missions, she find a familiar mine entrance. Overwhelmed by excitement, she enters. The paths are the exact same as they were in her dreams. Knowing the right path, she rushes through the maze, which still takes over half an hour to walk through.

At the end, she finds an entrance to a cave full of amethyst crystals. There is something magical about these crystals, because they seem to be glowing. Kastamera always enjoyed learning about crystals, and amethyst has been her favourite, so this cave really pleases her. Glowing crystals on the walls, on the ceilings, such a wonderful sight. There's one beautiful piece of amethyst crystal in the middle of the cage, which is calling for Kastamera.

As she approaches and touches it, the crystal attaches itself to her head. The Amethyst drills itself under her skin and into her skill, which causes Kastamera a lot of pain. As she's struggling from pain, the crystals on the wall and ceiling shatter into pieces. She rushes out of the cave, and abandons her mission.

Ever since that, the Amethyst on her head is growing day by day. Kastamera lost her right eye as the crystal drilled into that as well as it was growing. Now, a good portion of the right side of her face is covered by the amethyst. Kastamera has found that a certain chemical, called "flaptinum" can temporarily stop the spreading of the crystal if injected into the bloodstream. This chemical is very rare and expensive, but Kastamera is doing her best trying to live off of it until she finds a permanent solution.

She's still wondering why her recurring dreams would lead her to a magical amethyst that kills her slowly.

Amethyst abilites:

Kastamera is able to create amethyst dust out of thin air, which she can use to create crystal weapons. These weapons are sharp, can be used as normal weapons, but their biggest advantage is being extremely effective against corrupted beings. Crystal weapons cut through the flesh and bones of corrupted people like if they were made out of butter.

- Crystal Knives: can be used melee, but they're more useful if used as throwing knives. Kastamera is able to summon several of these at once.

- Crystal Claws: a pair of very sharp, luminescent blades. Kastamera typically holds a pair of claws in each of her hands.

- Crystal Shield: huge shields of amethyst clusters, automatically protecting Kastamera from any attacks that were made by corrupted beings. Kastamera has no control over this shield, it can only be controlled by the Amethyst itself. The Amethyst can only sense corrupted beings, that's why this shield is useless against normal enemies. This shield normally doesn't work if Kastamera is using any crystal weapons, because it requires all of the Amethyst's focus. However, if Kastamera is in the cave where the Amethyst originated from, this limitation doesn't apply. Taking flaptinum prevents the shield from working.

- Crystal Hammer: a giant hammer that Kastamera can hardly wield. It's heavy, and takes a lot out of Kastamera to swing it even once. However, when she swings it, the magical amethyst amplifies the force, sending anything it hits flying. An unfortunate swing may even break Kastamera's shoulder.

- Crystal Bow: a bow made out of crystal that shoots crystal arrows. These arrows are controller by the Amethyst and can curve/change directions mid-air. This is very useful for Kastamera, because she's never been good at aiming with bows.


Race: <unknown>

Gender: Female (?)

Age: 10,000+ years old

Height: 195 cm / 6'48"

Weight: 30 kg / 66 lbs

Eye color: cloudy purple iris, black sclera

Hair color: vanilla blond

Notes: self-proclaimed "Empress"

Mephistophyne originates from a different galaxy. She's part of a destructive species, which by most people are looked upon as viruses rather than an actual species.

Their mere presence is enough to infect nearby living organism with a deadly disease, called "the Corruption". This disease can kill vital cell groups in the infected's body, causing them to die in a few weeks.

However Mephistophyne's and her family's true power comes from them being able to control the Corruption. They can kill anyone nearby in an instant in horrific ways, by making their organs rot, making their skin wither away in a fragment of a second.

Her species is immune to the Corruption, because they're technically the very embodiment of it.

Seeing the destruction the Corruption left behind, other species wanted to get rid of Mephistophyne's ancestors.

In the span of hundred-thousands of years, the Corruption destroyed all other species in their home galaxy. Not a single solar system in that galaxy survived. The entire galaxy was ruled by the Corruption. During these millennia, a giant union (the Anti-Corruption Union) between thousands of species was formed, with the sole purpose of finding a way to stop the Corruption. This was a hardly possible goal, because the population of the Corruption was only growing due to everyone in this species being immortal, and seemingly invulnerable.

That was until the magical crystals were discovered. These crystals can fully heal anyone that's corrupted, and also has the ability to damage members of the Corruption species. The crystals seemed to be the only way to effectively fight the Corruption.

After a long lasting war, vast majority of the Corruption got completely wiped out of existence. The crystal supplies were also getting low.

Mephistophyne counts as a relatively young person in the Corruption family. Her goal is similar to her ancestors'' goal, but not as extreme. Her ancestors wanted to get rid of the hate they were getting from all the other species by destroying all other species and making the Corruption be the only one in the universe. However, Mephistophyne wants to be more merciful. Her plan is slowly taking over, planet by planet, infecting everyone but keeping them alive. That way she can blackmail everybody to accept her as their ruler. If they follow her, they will stay alive with hardly any symptoms. However if they don't obey her, she can just kill them in an instant.

Mephistophyne chose to start her campaign on a planet named Caveron, Kastamera's home planet. Caveron is very primitive compared to other planets. Here people don't know anything about the Corruption, the technology level is so low that people still use swords and bows in combat rather than guns and laser beams, and people in general have no idea that other planets exist. However, there are a few powerful creatures on Caveron that Mephistophyne was interested in, dragons and such. If she could get hold of those and all the armies on the planet, she would have a fighting chance against a nearby planet. And from there, she could just keep growing her army. When Mephistophyne landed on Caveron, she used her powers to disguise herself as a human, not to draw attention.

What she did not know was that the Anti-Corruption Union noticed her entering Caveron, and they sent one of those magical crystals, namely an amethyst onto the planet to stop her. Due to the Union running low on magical crystals, they only sent a sufficient amount of amethyst. To increase the chance of success, they analyzed the planet to find the most optimal host for the Amethyst. There was one girl with an exceedingly high amount of affinity towards amethyst. She was still a baby though, so the Amethyst had to be hidden somewhere on the planet until the girl grew up to be the perfect host. Her name was Kastamera.


All living beings less than 20 meters/22 yards away from Mephistophyne become corrupted, unless they are protected by magical crystals.

Creatures suffering from Corruption slowly wither away, their organs begin failing one by one in a few weeks. Mephistophyne has the ability to control the effects of the Corruption from any distance, meaning she could end the lives of all corrupted people in a single second.

She can also negate its effects, giving her a way to build a corrupted army where all the soldiers rely on her mercy, making them obedient.

Mephistophyne can only be damaged by magical crystals. Her skin is undamageable with steel and other weapons.

Symptoms of the Corruption:

- 1st stage: very pale skin and cloudy purple eyes, feeling of tiredness

- 2nd stage: rash, itching, skin pain, increased aggressiveness in animals

- 3rd stage: random wounds appearing on the skin as a result of skin decomposition, malfunction of some organs (heart rate rapidly changes, difficulties with breathing arise, mental capacity noticeably decreases), LAST CURABLE STAGE!

- 4th stage: organs begin failing one by one, the skin completely decomposes, leaving only a skeleton, some organs, and a big pool of blood behind

The Corruption can only be cured with the usage of magical crystals. Without them, the corrupted creature is doomed and will die in a few weeks. (Unless said creature obeys and serves Mephistophyne, who then can show them mercy and keep the Corruption at the 1st stage.)